Rethinking ventures.

We create, develop and scale digital brands.

Focus areas

Our industries

We think digitization should make life easier, more profitable and more worth living. That is our approach, and we have defined our target areas according to these principles:

Digital real estate applications

Real-time property valuation or a digital loyalty program for tenants - we create solutions with added value.

Digitization of administrative work

Salon automation solutions or an AI website builder - digital solutions that increase focus on the essentials.

Mobility and energy

Sustainable energy management for the home and the mobility solutions for tomorrow - digital solutions with a 360-degree view.
From idea to reality

The Building Process

We are building startups following a proven approach.

Sourcing & Ideating

The DBG team actively delves into complex problems and challenges while continuously monitoring the market. Collaboration with the community is integral to generating innovative ideas for the issues we tackle.


The team meticulously evaluates every idea to determine its market and disruptive potential, resulting in the dismissal of the majority of ideas.


The core team of DBG initiates the establishment of the company (technology, business & design) and starts looking for external co-founders to take on leadership roles.

Our exceptional enterprises

Meet the DBG

Our built-in founding team

CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas Schöppl

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH
CEO & Co-Founder

Johannes Klaushofer

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH

Thomas Deinhamer

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH

Julia Winkelhofer

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH
Venture Partner

Bernhard Adlhart

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH
Project Managment

Benjamin Panholzer

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH

Sebastian Dudas

DBG Digital Brands Group GmbH

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